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How To Make Yourself Disappear Online In 9 Steps [Infographic]

by Baz Edwards
How To Make Yourself Disappear Online In 9 Steps [Infographic]

Fed up of the internet telling your life story? Follow these 9 steps to help you to completely disappear from the Internet.

The internet is awesome and has information about just about everything you can think of.  The problem is, the internet also has a wealth of information about your life too, for all to see, especially if you're a regular user of social networks.

So how do you remove yourself from the internet?  Well although it's pretty difficult to completely disappear, there are things you can do and with a little time, effort and dedication, it is possible to at least keep a low profile.

Here are 9 steps that you can follow that will help you on your way.


How to disappear online in nine steps.

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