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How To Search On Google Effectively [Infographic]

How To
by Baz Edwards

This awesome infographic will show you some advanced search techniques so that you can find exactly what you are looking for in Google.

How To Search On Google Effectively [Infographic]

Google is an incredible search engine and millions use it every day to search for information.  But because of the abundance of information available on the web, Google searches often bring you thousands of results.

This can be a good thing but it can often be difficult to find the exact website or information that you're looking for. 

So how do you narrow down your searches and become more efficient whilst searching the web? Well I'll show you how. 

So whether you're a Google power user or you're completely inexperienced when it comes to Googling, you're sure to find something here to help you use this powerful search engine to your advantage. 

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