26 Struggles People Under The Age Of 15 Will NEVER understand

Kids these days have got it so easy - especially when it comes to technology. They are part of the digital generation and are surrounded by technology and the internet and they are using smartphones, tablets, e-readers and computers every day.

But back in the day, if your're older than 15, then you'll probably remember a world where none of this existed, and certain things were...well a stuggle. So here's a trip down memory lane. Lets look at some of the things we used to struggle with. Once you've had a giggle at some of these, you might never take present day technology for granted ever again!

1. Remember in 2006 when you accidentally hit the internet button on your flip phone and then you had to press end 40 times to keep your parents from paying for such a luxury? (manuxinhace.tumblr.com)

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2. The never ending hunt for the perfect CD:

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3. The two worst words in the English language: NO DISC. :(


4. Or the one worst thing that could happen to your CD


5. The dual devices dilemma

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6. The endless search to find what you wanted

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7. The only thing you could do when the internet went down

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8. Trying to get the perfect ringtone so you could stunt on everyone

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9. Seeing this and being like, “seems about right”


10. Having to rewind movies on a tiny little TV

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11. And doing this the entire time

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12. Or having to watch two VHS for one movie

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13. Or, heaven forbird, this happening


14. The other five worst words in the english language

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15. Having to wait until 9

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16. Narrowly missing Cartoon Network and having to wait for the TV guide to scroll back around


17. Actually printing out and looking at physical directions


18. Being stuck with this screen for about 20-30 minutes

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19. The T9 struggle


20. Long drives with no light

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21. Searching Limewire or Kazaa for the perfect song only to find it’s fake


22. Struggling to come up with the perfect song lyric


23. Having to clean your balls


24. Karate chopping your ankles with a scooter every dang time

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25. The ol’ manual shut-down

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26. And, of course, having a phone you didn’t need to charge every 15 minutes

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