Get WiFi Passwords From Airports Around The World From One Awesome Map

The one downside to travelling anywhere by plane is those shocking 5 hour or more delays you get sometimes. So what can you do to kill the time? Well surf the web of course! But its not always that simple or even possible without a password.

But thanks to travel blogger, computer security engineer and all round saviour Anil Pola, you now have a handy interactive map which you can use to easily find WiFi passwords for airports around the world according to Mashable

All you have to do is click on an airport on the map and it shows you a list of instructions such as where best to sit to get the best connection and the password you need to get on it.

When Anil is on his travels, if he comes across a new password, he will add it to the list or if someone else sends in a tip, he adds those too, so its very much a crowd sourcing effort which ensures that the list always remains bang up to date.

Although you obviously need a little bit of mobile data to get you going and access the map, once you've logged onto the free WiFi, you're sorted. So say goodbye to your data charges guys! Thanks Anil!

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