iPhones Will Get 157 New Emojis In The Second Half Of 2018 [Video]

If you're like me, and you're obsessed with emojis, then you're going to welcome the fact that today (7th Feb 2018) the Unicode Consortium has approved 157 new emojis taking the total number of approved emojis to 2,823!

The new emojis are part of Emoji 11.0 and include emojis for redheadscurly hairsuperheroessoftballinfinitykangaroo and more.

You won't have to wait long either to use these emojis as they will be added to all iPhones in the second half of 2018.

But, if you can't wait until then, the so-called emoji search engine Emojipedia have made an awesome new video that shows off the latest and greatest emojis!

Personally, I can't wait to send body parts to my friends such as a leg, a foot or a tooth, and I'll definitely be using the "party face" emoji more than once or twice too!

That's not all though, there's a range of animals to choose from such as a peacock, a badger, a raccoon, a swan and even a lobster!

There's also an array of everyday objects including bricks, a skateboard, a jigsaw piece, a softball and a magnet.

I'm pretty sure now there's an emoji for every eventuality!

You can check out the full list of all new emoji here so you can decide early on which ones you're going to send to your friends later on in the year!

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