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Are You A Super Recognizer? Take The Test To Find Out

by Baz Edwards

This 5 minute test will reveal whether you are part of the top 1% of the population with an exceptional ability to recognise faces.

Are You A Super Recognizer?  Take The Test To Find Out

So what is a "super recogniser"?  Well, according to Josh Davis of the University of Greenwich, they are people who have an "exceptional" ability to recognise faces, often years later after just one small glimpse. However, these people make up less than one percent of the population, Davis told Yahoo.

Currently super recognisers are used by London police to pick out criminals in bad quality CCTV footage and blurry photographs.  

If you think that you should be part of this elite group of people who have this bizarre ability then take the test below.  The test has been devised by Greenwich University and takes around five minutes.  It involves looking at different faces for eight seconds and then identifying a face from a line-up of eight.  Remember though, you have to score above 10 to be potentially classed as a super recogniser.

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