Top 5 Worst Computer Viruses Ever [Video]

This video about computer viruses may make you paranoid about internet security but its definitely worth clueing yourself up about these nasty bugs.
Top 5 Worst Computer Viruses Ever [Video]

We all know someone who has had a computer virus or you may have even had one on yourself.  It can happen to the best of us and usually it just causes a bit of inconvenience.  We then install antivirus on the computer or run an online scanner, clean it up and carry on where we left off.  But there are viruses and then there are VIRUSES.  Some viruses cause so much pain that they go down in history as some of the nastiest bugs ever.  Most of the viruses mentioned in the video below by SciShow arrived via completely innocent looking emails, luring users to open the attachment or clicking on an enticing link.  

So you know what NOT to do peeps, DON'T open any email attachments unless you trust the person that sent it and definitely don't click on any links which could whisk you off to a phishing website or worse, a website that downloads malware onto your computer.  If you're extremely unlucky you could even end up with all the files on your computer being encrypted rendering them completely incomprehensible!

Credit: SciShow

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